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You know, just when you think everything is gone dark on Common Core, we get this to ignite the flame. Its an interesting read, but nothing new here for folks who are familiar with the talking points from the the proponents of Common Core, such as the Gates Foundation and our very own Washington DC based National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA.org). The NCEA continue to brush aside concerns from Catholic parents and teachers by forming another organization/initiative called “Catholic Identity Curriculum Integration” which according to their website is “a collaborative partnership formed to help teachers and school leaders develop curriculum that is truly Catholic and truly rigorous”. Truly “rigorous” indeed!

The link to the article is below, but you’ll have to wait to the very end of the article to learn why Catholics are really against the Common Core.

Simply put, our Catholic mission and that of Catholic Schools is NOT the same as public or other private school systems.

The question remains as to why our Bishops and Catholic School Superintendents do not see this for what it is.