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Listening in the Desert


As the Irish NO vote dries its tears, and finishes sweeping up the fake confetti and used party poppers from the YES vote celebration parties, a new question is beginning to emerge.

What is the future for the Catholic Church in Ireland?

It is clear that the YES voters either do not agree with the Catholic Churches definition of marriage – or they simply do not know or understand it. I would say it was a mixture of both, but the failure of the Church over the last 2 generations in (and not just confined to) Ireland is indisputable now.

The cringe-worthy spinelessness of some of the Bishops and priests makes me feel like throwing myself to the lions: β€œEAT ME NOW! BEFORE IT GETS ANY MORE EMBARRASSING!”

Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin told the Irish Times that the referendum amounts to a social revolution and the Catholic Church needs to…

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