This is an important message in that some groups are more organized than others, some have more members and have valuable experience to share with less experienced groups. Over the past 6 months, our group CIOC in the Lehigh Valley PA has been in dialogue with the office of education from the Catholic diocese of Allentown who has adopted the PA Core (aka CCSS) in our Catholic schools.
We have a strategy and plan to which we are executing but needless to say, it’s a tedious and slow process. Having said that, we believe we have made some progress but our objective is not accomplished until we convince the diocese to pause and then roll back from the PA Core (aka CCSS). Our crusade is small in the context of the national battle against the CCSS’s but our stand and resistance is important for the future sustainability of our Catholic Schools and important in the broader sense of shared goals with other CC opponents. One parish, one diocese, one school district, one state at a time!


In a war, togetherness is a great weapon. In a war, togetherness is a great weapon.

Greetings, Anti Common Core Warriors!
A new work week for us to wage war on the Core. Are you ready? Is  the warrior next to you ready? Let’s help each other out.

Warriors and Sharing:

Governments use the concept of sharing to defray projects. Co-op groups of all kinds use sharing as a way to pool resources. The CCSS Machine uses it to coerce our students, teachers, and the educational we can certainly use sharing as a weapon. Question is, how is the best way to do that?

“Can’t Never Could, Because Can’t Didn’t Try”:

The phrase above is one I made up years ago when my children were very small. Every time an insurmountable task was presented (or what they thought was insurmountable), this is what they heard.

If the word ‘can’t’ was uttered, you bet your backside, this is…

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