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Please call your Congressman/woman and urge them to reject this bill!
For those in the Lehigh Valley, PA area, we are represented by Congressman Charlie Dent.

You can call Charlie Dents DC office @ 202-225-6411 or email him @ https://dent.house.gov/?p=ContactForm

If you don’t know who represents you in the House, just click on this link to find out!

This bill is sponsored by Rep. John Kline (R- MN) and co-sponsored by the following Republicans!
Rokita, Todd [R-IN-4]
Rep. Foxx, Virginia [R-NC-5]
Rep. Roe, David P. [R-TN-1]
Rep. Messer, Luke [R-IN-6]
Rep. Byrne, Bradley [R-AL-1]
Rep. Sessions, Pete [R-TX-32]
Rep. Hunter, Duncan D. [R-CA-50]
Rep. Heck, Joseph J. [R-NV-3]
Rep. Guthrie, Brett [R-KY-2]
Rep. Allen, Rick W. [R-GA-12]
Rep. Curbelo, Carlos [R-FL-26]

Thank you and God Bless
CIOC Editor.



This one is such a betrayal.

I’ve never been so shocked and angry over a proposed Congressional bill that I burst into tears.  Not until tonight.

I’d been quietly reading and taking notes on H.R. 5, “Student Success Act” (SSA) when my husband simply, offhandedly asked me how I was doing.   Though I’d been quiet, I was boiling over as I read tucked-away portions of this 600+ page bill which,  despite the local-control-touting, anti-Common Core-sounding words (on page 10 and elsewhere), is terrible. When my husband asked how I was doing, I stood up, walked to the couch and explained through my hot, angry tears what destruction and reduction of vital freedoms will take place if this bill passes:

It ends private schools’ religious freedomfrom government control.  It harms funding freedom in private schools.  It puts into question parental rights and control over education.  It pushes…

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