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This is an excellent article on the importance of why our catholic schools should remain independent of state requirements and state regulations. Please share this most excellent article with as many parents, teachers and pastors as possible. Thanks!

When I Discovered Your Words

We work with a number of diocesan schools that suffer from a diocesan-mandated imposition of state requirements.  This post from the weekly newsletter of Jason Adams, Headmaster of Lumen Christi Catholic School in Indianapolis, gives many excellent reasons why Catholic schools should be free from such requirements, so that their life of faith can fully permeate their communities and their work. Jason has contributed to the Institute’s newsletter, and has attended our Academic Retreat and our Catholic Classical Schools Conference.

I had the privilege of testifying at a senate committee hearing on state standardized testing policy yesterday. I had the opportunity to touch base with one of our advisory council members Heather Crossin (Co-founder of Hoosiers Against Common Core) and a host of parents and grandparents from around the state who support independent education. I was able to tell Lumen Christi’s story, why we value our independence, and why all schools…

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