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Tuesday November 4th is Election Day and Pennsylvanians will go to the polls to re-elect the incumbent Tom Corbett(R) or replace him with the challenger Tom Wolf (D). This election is profoundly important for any number of reasons but the one most important to our group is education standards and policy.

While our campaign is focused on the Catholic Schools, the adoption of the Common Core State Standards into PA Standards and subsequently into PA public schools, has significant influence and impact on the Catholic school system in the Commonwealth. The CCSS were embraced by then Gov. Ed Rendell(D) back in 2010 and subsequently developed into what is now known as the PA Core Standards. There is essentially no difference. Just recently Corbett announced a “review” as part of his continuing effort to “roll back” Common Core. The link to the story is here. One wonders why he has taken this position now, particularily when he’s been in office four years and could and should have done something sooner!…nevertheless, we welcome any effort by any candidate to rid our schools of CC. While its well publicized what Tom Corbett’s position is on CC, its unclear what Tom Wolf’s position is or what plans he has for Common Core Standards. The link to his campaign site is here so take what you can from that!

Whatever your party or politics, please go out and excercise your right to vote; support candidates who share our values and objectives and encourage others to do the same.

Thanks, God Bless and keep the faith!

Catholic Is Our Core

Catholic Is Our Core